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    I’m a big fan of Pop!_OS, and set up recurring donations to the project a while ago. Their UI design chops are stellar, to the point that (IMO) the new Windows 11 UI actually looks and feels more like a Pop clone than anything else… Even window tiling made it over!

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      As someone who has the same story of “used it for a while, eventually went all-in” with Linux Mint + Cinnamon, I’ve been keeping my eye on Pop. I’ve daily drove it for a month at two different times. It seems to check basically all the same boxes as Mint + Cinnamon, and in an alternate reality I could have just as easily ended up a happy Pop user instead.

      The one thing I appreciate in Mint, thus far, has been the dedication to making upgrades between minor releases feel less dangerous (or possible at all). That is one aspect I have found lacking in many other Ubuntu-based distros, that try to match the 6-month cycle of their upstream. Does anyone have experiences to share upgrading between versions of PopOS (rather than the full backup-wipe-reinstall)?

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        I run PopOS on one of my systems and upgraded from a prior version to 21.04 a while back. I kind of expected to end up doing a wipe + reinstall but wanted to try out the upgrade path just to see if anything broke - I don’t think anything did.

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        When was the last time you heard an OS update described like this?

        If you’re thinking about updating Pop!_OS, do it. It’s pain free. It was a fast upgrade, and I haven’t seen any issues.


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          Pop!_OS now hosts its own custom software repositories. This results in faster, more stable installations.

          This point is a little confusing. If I’m reading the differences page correctly, Pop! is upstream of Ubuntu, which has a large set of repository mirrors hosted by Canonical and many volunteers. Are the Pop! developers swapping from this infrastructure to separate mirrors for the Pop! software repos? Or does this point mean that software not available in the upstream repo is now hosted in a Pop!-specific repo?