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Sharing a little sneak preview of Winds 2.0. It’s an open source RSS reader and podcast app. Right now only the Snap and AppImage builds are up to date. Still a few days away from a more stable release. Lets see if we can revive RSS :)

https://snapcraft.io/winds https://s3.amazonaws.com/winds-2.0-releases/releases/winds-2.0.170-x86_64.AppImage

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    Winds looks awesome, but the dependency on a bunch of cloud hosted, closed-source PaaS doesn’t seem so great. There doesn’t seem to be any way for someone to completely self-host Winds.

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      Why ask for our work email to download it? It comes across as very creepy and also unfortunate for those of us who don’t have one…

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        well… it used to be a beta registration page. which we copied from another landing page that required your work email. it doesn’t make sense at all and I’ll remove it on the next deploy.

        which platform are you on?

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          Ah totally fair :) Mac at the moment

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            I’m still fine-tuning the build for Mac and the app store. You can try it out here (but it won’t automatically update) https://s3.amazonaws.com/winds-2.0-releases/releases/Winds-2.0.173.pkg

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              Thanks and best of luck!

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        Already got a solid desktop feed reader, but I’ll keep an eye on this for my wife’s sake. She’s always griping about how there’s never any decent news on her phone, but won’t consider using a feed reader. It might be worthwhile to borrow her phone while she’s sleeping, install the Android app once you have one available, and set up some feeds that aren’t full of clickbait.

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          How well do you like Newsboat? Would you recommend it over Thunderbird as a feed reader?

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            I’ve been using Newsboat and the now-defunct Newbeuter that it forked from for about ten years. Back when I was posting a dozen stories a day on Lobsters, the majority came from tracking 400+ feeds. Coming from vim and mutt it feels very comfortable. I like that it has near-instant response to keystrokes and no images, I can very quickly skim through hundreds of posts for the handful that are interesting.

            It does, unfortunately, have two bugs. One is a crash I’ve seen a few times about a corrupt doubly-linked list, the other is a recent annoyance with custom keys that I’ve just reported, so thanks for that reminder.

            If it helps any, here’s my current config:

            # no automatic reloading
            refresh-on-startup no
            auto-reload no
            reload-time 360 # minutes
            # reloading
            reload-threads 8
            reload-only-visible-feeds no
            show-read-feeds no
            download-retries 4
            # notification
            notify-screen yes
            notify-xterm yes
            # storage
            max-items 5000
            # display
            article-sort-order date-desc
            feedlist-format "%S%n %11u %t"
            articlelist-format "%D %f %?T?;%-17T; ?%t"
            datetime-format %m-%d
            color background white black
            color listnormal white black
            color listfocus black white
            color info black white
            color article white black
            # interface
            confirm-exit yes
            bind-key k up
            bind-key j down
            unbind-key o
            bind-key o open-in-browser-and-mark-read
            bind-key O open-in-browser
            bind-key a open-all-unread-in-browser-and-mark-read
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              I’ve never used Thunderbird as a feed reader. I don’t even use it for mail; when I want a graphical mail client I use Claws Mail. :)

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                I was using Claws, too. Seemed faster, too.

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                  You should really try it sometime. It works great for all my needs as a windows user.

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                    Thanks, but I have a setup that works for me and I’m not inclined to tamper with it.

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                    I’ve used claws before but, I really like Thunderbird right now because it also integrates nicely with Firefox.

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                What does your backend setup look like for something like this? Would it be possible for you to allow self hosting in the future?

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                  The backend API and frontend are both open source: https://github.com/getstream/winds We rely on Algolia, Stream and Mercury though which are closed source. Now that doesn’t stop you from running your own backend or changing the app’s functionality as you see fit.

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                  Featuring lobste.rs in the onboarding flow: https://github.com/GetStream/Winds/blob/master/api/src/workers/featured.json#L474

                  Interesting to learn more about how you stay up to date on news/tech. Are you still using RSS, relying on Twitter, mailing lists, Reddit etc…

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