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      Also Magnusviri, the original author of the SD M1 repo credited in this article, has merged his fork into the Lstein Stable Diffusion fork. You can now run the Lstein fork with M1 as of a few hours ago.

      This adds a ton of functionality - GUI, Upscaling & Facial improvements, weighted subprompts etc.

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        I tried the magnusviri repo a week ago on my M1 13” and it was fairly slow. I switched to my PC with a 12GB 3060 which is much speedier. Still pretty great that it works on the M1 easily. I’m sure the performance will improve if it hasn’t already in the past week. Thanks for the fork link!

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      Okay, so I’m not sure what I’m doing here, but I just ran a couple of tests, and my sample directory is, I kid you not, full of pictures of Rick Astley.

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        Can confirm, don’t do this to yourself it doesn’t really work.

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          Rick Astley is inserted when you a) generate an image that is detected as NSFW or b) run out of VRAM, I believe? cf. https://github.com/knsg16/stable-diffusion#i-just-got-rickrolled-do-i-have-a-virus

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      I’ve been holding onto my 2018 MacPro as long as I can before jumping to the ARM Macs; this just makes it harder to wait…

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      How much VRAM does M1 Mac have?

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        It does not have separate VRAM, CPU and GPU memory are shared.