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I’m currently in the need for a service which allows me to send an email when an event happens. Looking around there are two obvious services: sendgrid and mailgun. The issue with sendgrid is I cannot seem to get my domain verified via DNS (DigitalOcean). The issue with mailgun is they require a credit card from me - someone who expects to send maybe 1 email every 3 weeks.

For what it’s worth, I did some searching here and here was the last thread https://lobste.rs/s/bclape/email_solution_for_side_projects . Nothing really notable.

This is seriously a space to be conquered by someone. I feel like sendgrid is essentially all I need but I really can’t get it working.

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    I can recommend https://postmarkapp.com/. Looks like they have a free dev plan: 100 email /mo

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      I use AWS Simple Email Service. You can use it as a regular SMTP server, i.e. it’s not an HTTP API like Mailgun.

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        I send email using (among other things) actionmailer+postfix, and have no problems. What sort of events are these?