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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    • Planning to finish my Year Compass. It’s been as hard to find peace and quiet as one would expect in a metropolitan area during the winter.
    • VRChat social events! I don’t know how I would have managed through the pandemic, especially as an introvert, without that new social circle.
    • Continue playing Inscryption, which I started playing just yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it so far!
    • Recuperate. It’s been extra rough at home these last several weeks.
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      Do you have any tips for finding a relevant social group in VRChat?

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        I was lucky enough to be following someone via Mastodon that arranged a group of people with heavily overlapping identities and interests so that’s hard to replicate. The best advice I have is to go around asking friends and friends of friends in order to get that ball rolling since that’s what worked for said acquaintance-turned-friend. Good luck!

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      Getting my booster shot here in NL. If there is any capacity left, i will try to finish up my bazelbuild/rules_go PR or set up grafana loki for my homelab

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        Hope it goes well! I’m getting mine soon :O

        1. 2

          Got the shot yesterday, didnt feel anything apart from the usual pain around the shot area.

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        One of my resolutions for 2022 is to read more, and I bought a few books to get started. This weekend I’m hoping to get through Desert Solitaire.

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          I am working on my talk for the Ada Devroom of FOSDEM 2022, “The Outsider’s Guide to Ada.” I’ve written in a lot of different languages for a long time before my year of Ada, so hopefully it will be a succinct and objective (no proselytizing) overview of the language for those unfamiliar with it. I’m trying to boil it down through its weird vocabulary, and show the good and the ugly parts.

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            You just launched my favorite game of January : How much can I overbook a weekend with as much as possible Fosdem talks?

            Your talk would be the first on the list ☺️

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            • 5km Parkrun with a friend, because it’s 5 years since we went to a specific one we enjoyed and we should go back
            • Oil changes on Golf and Z4, because I have the parts and the golf is about 3k miles overdue. Need to stop being lazy and jfdi.
            • More experimentation with NixOS to get my shit running on it, in the hope of deprecating a couple of other machines which are long overdue replacement with something more up to date
            • Possibly pick up my Z4 RPi project again
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              I have a new laptop that’s been sitting for 3 weeks and I’ve yet to migrate to it using it. I’m not one of those people who moves things over all at once. I prefer to use my (infrequent) changes in primary personal devices as an opportunity to reorganize and reconsider my data and applications.

              Upside is vast, downside is that I need to find the time to do it.

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                Trying to become proficient in Fraglets. There’s some potential there that I want to explore. Recover from a COVID booster hangover.

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                  I want to add three more features to hayom, my jrnl-inspired journaling application: first, I want to add the ability to have a directory of journals, such that you can just do hayom -c -j new-journal ... and create a journal named new-journal if it doesn’t exist; second, I want to add a web view, so you can do hayom read and get something nice for a browser; and third, I want to add transparent encryption with age. In practice, I’ll be very lucky if I finish even one of those things, but I promised myself I’d get at least two of those working before I truly publicly announce the project.

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                    A few things.

                    • Drafting a few blog posts, which I’ll publish as soon as I have time to finish them. (Probably not this weekend.)
                    • Read up on cryptanalytic techniques for block ciphers, see if I can reproduce (or even improve) any published attacks.