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    This is neat I suppose but I’m not sure how useful this in the real word…

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      It’s a useful process, even if this approach does not have a practical use in itself, it is an excellent way of understanding the tool chain.

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        The embedded and hardware worlds are a lot different than the Web 2.0 world, so, probably.

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          True, but I don’t see C being replaced at that level. At least not with the current generation of languages.

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            Why not? Nim compiles to C, so you could use it with an existing vendor toolchain.

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        I have a major case of “What-should-I-learn-next-itis”. Rust seems solid for system stuff, but I’m mostly building web stuff. Nim seems awesome, except I don’t really like python-style meaningful indentation (mostly because I got bitten in the butt by python. Badum-tsh.) Rust also seems to have more support.

        A few internet searches later, I found a few web libraries that people seem to be using. I retract my indecision. But yeah, Nim seems awesome. Wish I had more time.