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    Remember the recent FinFisher leaks by /u/PhineasFisher over at the /r/anarchism subreddit? Looks like Wikileaks has obtained binaries for several of the components used in the suite, including the anonymizing relays, proxies, and C&C servers, as well as Windows-based malware. No source code, but much of the software appears to run on Debian GNU/Linux.

    I suspect there is a different source, since /u/PhineasFisher mentioned in one of his comments on the subreddit that he didn’t want to leak to an organization:

    Not just replying to you, but directed at everyone that’ll say I should’ve leaked it to some organization and that it’s ‘irresponsible’ to dump the raw data on everyone or something:

    I’m unconvinced that news stories about government’s surveillance capabilities are actually effective in fighting those systems of control. Listening to stories all day about how we’re all being hacked and spied on just feels disempowering. When everyone can participate it’s more empowering, more fun, and far more effective.

    On the other hand though, s/he does seem to have an opinion of Wikileaks somewhere between neutral and positive, given this comment:

    What rechelon said about the EFF. They’re reformist lawyers that do some good work, but are terrified of anything too radical or illegal. There’s no way they’d touch this, they aren’t wikileaks.

    In any case, I’m too busy to continue my work on the original leak, much less tackle this too. But perhaps I’ll get back to it in a month or two :D