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    I’ve found as time has gone on that I prefer to be given direct actionable requests. Something like “It’d be cool to check out a new place for lunch” is gong to be ignored, compared to “We will go to for lunch.”

    Similarly, I’ve a coworker who is a wonderful person and who leaves comments in pull requests like “maybe foo would be better here if it handled condition bar”–and when I read that, I think “maybe that would be cooler, but I have to get work done”, and I may ignore it; after all, if it required fixing, they’d’ve said as much, right?

    In general, anything that would be in the subjunctive case (in Latin anyways) is something I think people will likely ignore: if you need action, describe a clear objective.

    If you also tell us why you need it, we might opine you actually don’t and there is a better way of doing it.

    This part is a little bit of an anti-pattern, though. Hearing devsplaining is annoying as hell if you need something done soon and don’t have the patience or time to hold court and bring somebody up to speed.

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      You should have a look at the video link in the article of his talk about the subject, I thought it was very funny. Seen it live at one of the NLNOG events.