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    There’s no reason to manually review those changes. If they pass your automated test suite and CI system, they should just be merged.

    I have my doubts about that…

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      I’ve worked on a system that was well-tested enough for that to be a viable approach once (ever) in my career, and even then we never felt super comfortable about it.

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        Do you have rationale reasons or just a feeling?

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          People (unintentionally) write bad tests. Also, giving microsoft permission to commit literally anything to your repos leaves the door open for possible abuse in the future when, for example, they decide at some point they no longer ‘love’ open source.

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            Can’t say for the OP, but I had an issue where all tests went green after a dependency version update, only to have everything start failing after merging the file. The problem was that the tests were not comprehensive enough, and there was a subtle difference between tests on master vs PR.

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            The big issue is that with updates to dependencies come changed behavior that may be subtle enough your tests don’t catch it.

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            Another startup trying to eat off github, providing useless automation.

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              It’s literally part of Github….

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                From https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/mergify:
                Mergify Pull request automation service
                Categories Software
                Founded Date Mar 2018
                Founders Julien Danjou, Mehdi Abaakouk
                Operating Status Active
                Number of Employees 1-10
                Legal Name Mergify SAS
                IPO Status Private
                Company Type For Profit

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                  I’m honestly baffled how that can succeed as a company.

                  Seems like most of the target market could script this up in a couple hours, completely customized to their environment, and without giving write access to a third party.

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                    The target market wants to install plugins to do this for them. We live in a world with left-pad after all.