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    There isn’t even a product here. This is just somebody talking about one day maybe building a thing. It is bad advertising for a space already full of hype and bunk.

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      HTC is so desperate that they offered this clown some BIGNUM dollarbux to spin bafflegab. Not really news.

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      Beyond wondering what “native blockchain phone” means, I wonder if they’ll truly realize “secure hardware” by allowing outside/user auditing of the stack.

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        a built-in secure hardware enclave

        Don’t all phones have this now?

        “Blockchain” here sounds like empty marketing. It sounds like a phone with support for accessing different cryptocurrencies. If it can be used as in effect, a hardware wallet, it might have some legs.

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          /r/Buttcoin is probably a better place for this than lobste.rs :D

          Sad to see HTC picking up on the blockchain hype.