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      That post title is a bit misleading: kexts need to be codesigned, and with a certificate issued by Apple. However, 3rd party developers can get these certificates (the process is a bit more involved than getting a regular app/installer codesigning cert, but doesn’t cost extra on top of the regular annual codesigning cert expense).

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        That’s what the title says, though. It doesn’t say “provided by Apple”. I guess, yes, coming from a context of unfamiliarity with the types of signing Apple does, clarification could be useful.

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        But I can’t build a kext myself and use it without disabling all kext security, right?

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      I use openafs, which is unsigned. Pain in the bosom.

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        Same here… the cost for signing is probably more than the openafs project will ever be able to afford. I think they may be trying to get a few of the universities that use afs heavily to try and split the bill somehow :/

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      Previously discussed here (in the context of Trim Enabler):