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    Until this was posted, I hadn’t realized how much I miss the satisfying “chunk!” of inserting 3.5" disks.

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      I miss debugging programs by ear. I used to be able to recognize a bug had occurred when the sounds of accessing a floppy drive or hard drive were not what I expected. Between quieter components and multitasking that’s no longer the case.

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        Heh. I’ve mostly replaced this with visual cues. I have a “system monitor” that is always visible on one of my monitors. Gives my CPU breakdown, memory usage and graphs for disk and network access. Very useful for staying “in tune” with the machine in front of you. I can tell a lot by just a quick glance when running a program:

        1. How many cores it’s using.
        2. Whether it’s getting bogged down in syscalls.
        3. Network usage.
        4. Whether it’s reading from disk.
        5. Is memory spiking?

        After a quick glance, I end up with a rough ballpark of where to go to debug further problems.

        (Some of my co-workers think I’m nuts for preferring to work locally instead of remotely, but there’s something to be said about actually using the hardware that’s sitting next to you!)

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      What an incredible piece of art. So much dedication and such a nice outcome. Brings back memories to when the original innards of this box were actually state of the art.

      It’s Not just the floppy, but also the machine in general. Though, I have to say, the floppy does take the cake.

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        That’s awesome.

        Completely mad, but awesome.

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          I thought this would be about FlashPath adapters…

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            that’s pretty glorious