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I made a thing that tries to read common Postgres database errors and turn them into error messages that you can expose in a public-facing API, and/or are easier to parse than the native Postgres error equivalents.

Hope you like it! Might be just useful for me, but thought I’d try to share it.


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    Cool! This is really useful. Bookmarked & I’ll dive into it later & try to give feedback.

    What I’ve been doing so far is this recommended method for error catching:


    … which is then used in a PL/pgSQL function like this:


    Not so human readable but links to the error code page in the PostgreSQL docs.

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      One suggestion I have for a release down the road is to work with text bundles of some sort that makes language translations easier. Looks like all the strings, en_US, are hard-coded right now. Had I seen a bundle, I could’ve quickly sent in a pull request for ja_JP.