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    http://www.minetest.net <– more mature, larger community, LGPL. Met these folks at their table at FSF.

    N.B. I haven’t actually tried playing Craft, the one linked here.

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      The coolest feature of Minetest (if you can get over the awful, awful name) is how simple it is to mod it. Just drop a .lua file in a certain directory and you’re off to the races. It’s dramatically easier to create a mod for Minetest than it is to install a mod for Minecraft. I had a lot of fun creating a mod that exposed unix-like servers and terminals, having no prior Lua experience: https://github.com/technomancy/calandria

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        Yeah, I play minetest all the time. I like the Craft’s focus on performance though. ;)

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          Is this not your project? I thought the “show” tag was supposed to be for stuff you made (which is why it receives a hotness boost).

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            It’s made by a fellow lobsters user, so I added it.

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        Craft seems like it’s not being worked on anymore. Konstructs seems to be a fork that’s actively maintained.

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          N.B. Konstructs' website is very pretty

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          There’s an amusing amount of creativity spawning from an issue that suggests a new name: https://github.com/fogleman/Craft/issues/112

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            ‘Free Mason’


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            Why is it for Windows, OS X and Linux?

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              Why not? Do you think that’s too many OSes to support, or would you like to see, say, OpenBSD in there as well?

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                  I believe it’s just the author’s way of saying that this is written with cross-platform compatibility in mind. Many games only support Windows.

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              I would like to see an implementation using Rust.