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    ArrangoDB is a very interesting piece of technology. I’m not so certain I buy the multi-modal aspect of it, although there’s a tendency for databases to adopt more and more paradigms (which began in the relational world with XML column types, for example). Rather, the really interesting piece of ArrangoDB is Foxx, which lets you built and deploy Javascript-based microservices that expose data-driven REST APIs. This type of technology could play a key role in serverless architectures and MBaaS.

    Where Foxx needs the most help right now is in whole-API versioning, so you can push new APIs as atomic changes (which can be rolled back) while still supporting the old APIs, and somehow integrate that with schema migration. Because honestly, if Foxx doesn’t figure that out, it will have all the well-known maintenance problems of stored procedures, which will keep people from trying the approach.