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      Just wanted to make sure: Firefox is telling me the HTTPS cert is self-signed. Am I being given the right cert?

      SHA256 fingerprint: C1:AC:3A:2C:F8:70:E4:4E:E9:0A:64:24:1E:7C:4B:88:D2:82:62:C0:AA:A1:45:F5:2A:0D:6C:0F:83:8A:4D:CF

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        The link that’s posted is an http link, no SSL.

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          Ah, looks like HTTPS Everywhere is auto-forwarding me to HTTPS.

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        The mere notion of a current running process inside an X terminal emulator is not a well defined concept, just like the author admitted that it doesn’t work inside GNU screen. The terminal emulator could directly fork/exec anything other than a shell. The shell could fork/exec any number of processes, which could then fork/exec any number of processes themselves.

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          We had a discussion about a somewhat opposite problem here, on Linux specifically though. Terminals and shells are fascinating!