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    After many years I’ve finally untangled myself from Google. I run my own NextCloud instance for files, music, calendar, etc. Setting up your own instance on DigitalOcean is very straighforward, and it’ll cost you $5 bucks a month to run. I originally installed version 12 and it’s been self-upgrading all through version 15 without a single hiccup. It’s a really well run project that I can highly recommend based on my experience. The last thing I kept putting off was email, and finally I signed up for protonmail recently and forwarded my old Gmail there. It was a painless transition overall.

    So, now I pay around 160 bucks a year for everything I was using from Google, but with me having full control over my data.

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      I think the thing that might finally push me over the edge to stop relying on Google so much are the various customer support horror stories that I see from time to time. I recognize they are probably rare, but just the thought of being locked out of my account with absolutely no recourse is pretty terrifying. On the other hand, just the thought of switching my email is terrifying though. I’ve been using the same gmail for around 15 years now. I’m entrenched.

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        That’s exactly why it took me so long to switch. I got really attached to my gmail account and the thought of moving off of it just felt daunting. However, once I actually thought about it for a bit, I realized that it’s not really a big deal. I still have the gmail account if I ever need it, I set it up to forward mail to my protonmail account, so I still get all my email from it. Protonmail also has an import tool, so all my inbox got transferred over and now I have an independent backup of it. So, it’s kind of a low risk commitment, and I can slowly get settled in on the new account. One nice side effect is that you get a fresh start in terms of contacts and spam. :)

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      I was hoping that this was going to be more of a compendium of disparate tools, rather than a one-stop “alternative”, but interesting none the less.

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        It is a compendium of disparate tools. Almost all services of Framasoft are Open Source software hosted by them, but you can definitely use the original tool and host it yourself.

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          Almost all

          Are you aware of some which aren’t?

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            AFAIK they are all Open Source, but some are developed by Framasoft themselves (e.g. framadate I think).

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        macos, fastmail, duck.com, firefox (with google and facebook containers) + uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger. Don’t use much of calendar’ing.

        phone: looking for a e.foundation supporting phone.

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          e.foundation looks like yet another android ROM? I would recommend buying a device that doesn’t use android, since android devices typically require piles of out of tree kernel patches for the hardware to work. This makes it very difficult/impossible to support newer mainline kernels, and backporting security updates will become increasingly more difficult.

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            If it doesn’t use android, what it is using?

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              SailfishOS? PureOS (with the upcoming Librem5)? Unfortunately there aren’t many options (yet!), but any of those are better than Android, IMHO.

              Edit: OP is looking for a new phone, which is why one of the options I mentioned is something not out yet..

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                I don’t know if it is practical to use a non-Android phone at this moment, as most of the apps are not available.

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              e.foundation looks like yet another android ROM?

              It is.

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                I’d rather use bad open source like Android than closed source like iOS.

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              These folks might consider spending some effort on articulating what makes them different and why they think they can actually fund their alternative services given something other than good intentions.

              Noble effort, though!

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                Framasoft is not some kind of new project, they have existed for 15 years. They are a French association (kind of NGO). They have a few employees but rely a lot on volunteering. They raise about $400k in yearly donations. Their finances are very transparent, it’s all in the open and accessible on the website (although the reports are in French).

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                lot of “donating” buttons and poor performance and usability. First proove your engine then ask for support