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    (Meta: I think you posted the same article yesterday, and didn’t get any feedback. So I will say: welcome to lobsters! I’m newish here myself, and enjoying the community so far.)

    This does a good job of showing the power of whitestorm through config without needing too much code, but I think it is a bit light on text. As devs we tend to rely on our code doing the talking, which is usually OK, but there is a bit too much imbalance here - you might have well just posted the github link and the demo and been done with it!

    I think your audience are folks who are new to 3d and gamedev (if they aren’t new, they will probably use tools that provide more flexibility). So write as though your audience doesn’t know anything, or knows very little (ELI5).

    The things I think could use some more detail, for someone who whitestorm would appeal to, are more in-depth descriptions of what things are and what all the parameters are doing. For instance - explain what a geometry is, and explain what the buffer property does. Spend some time describing materials and how they render to the geometry. Then perhaps explain why you chose the numbers for the physics, and how you tweaked them.

    Other than that, the demo you chose is good, and I like how easy it is to get things going in the framework. If you write more please post again!