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      Forcing people to open a link in a particular program, against their will, is called an “experience” in corporatese? It’s a bad one I suppose.

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        it’s an optimized one.

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        It’s as dumb as adding target="blank" to all your external links on your website. Sure, current tab is optimal which is why we don’t do it to our internal links, but we are special so your tab to our site must never go away lest you forget how the back button works.

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          Personally I don’t like reloading a 5 MB web app every time I want to go back.

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            Web app & website are things I distinguish as different despite using the same platform and technology. There’s a higher chance that this is the right UX call in a web app.

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      It’s not the only place they do that. And it’s getting worse over time. The whole Desktop is starting to feel like a glorified Edge/Bing page.

      For a while, it was possible to change the microsoft-edge: scheme handler, but it is hard-coded to Edge now. Now the override has to go deeper: https://github.com/rcmaehl/MSEdgeRedirect

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      Discord on my phone always opens links in its internal Chrome browser; can we get that fucking fixed too?

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        There should be a setting for that? It always opens in firefox for me.

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        I have a setting on the iPhone Discord to open links in safari. I wish twitter had the same thing.

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      not long ago they disabled the ability to forward your microsoft email to another account, for security of course. found out because a non-tech person was complaining to me about being forced to use outlook.

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        Outlook still supports IMAP, no?

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      It’s not doing such for us.