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“Pharo by Example50 is the second edition of Pharo by Example”


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    Even if you don’t have any intention of writing Smalltalk code anytime soon, I’d still encourage you to flip through this book, if only because it shows you how much modernization and enhancement has gone into the original Smalltalk development tools. (You can also see what a language that’s still unapologetically text-based, but not file-based, looks like, which I also find quite interesting.)

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      In my limited experience, Smalltalk’s main advantage is interactive programming. Something not experienced by just reading through the book

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      Likewise, I encourage even those with some experience in other Smalltalk implementations to give Pharo 5 and this text a go. Starting with Squeak and evaluation copies of VisualWorks nearly 15 years ago, we now have over 1M LOC of Pharo in production.

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        This looks like what I’ve been missing the last few times I’ve tried out Pharo. I’ve always gotten partway through ProfStef, but didn’t ever quite figure out how to jump from that to building packages. Perhaps I’ll actually build something interesting with Pharo this time (as I have time, of course).