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      Does anyone think it is worth it to currently buy bitcoin to see if will continue to inflate? Or is the bubble about to burst again.

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        There are lots of other assets to buy if you’re looking to get into a bubble while it’s hot. :)

        Determining the intrinsic value of a bitcoin is pretty hard. The prevailing theory is that it’ll be the currency transfer mechanism of choice in the future. But that doesn’t say much about what a bitcoin is worth. If I want to transfer $100 to someone in Patagonia, do I or the recipient care whether a bitcoin is worth $200 or $0.00002? No. I buy the appropriate amount, transfer them, and the recipient cashes out. The only limitation is that there have to be enough bitcoins to cover all “in flight” transactions. If $100 million (to pick a number) is transferred every hour (assuming that’s how long verification takes), then each bitcoin (assuming all 21 million are in play) is worth about $5.

        Or you could take the long view that bitcoins will replace all other currency in existence as not just a transfer mechanism, but also as a value store. If those 21 million bitcoins replace only the US $10 trillion that’s out there (ignoring other currencies), then each one would be worth around $475,000. Time to buy, baby!

        Personally, my biggest hangup would still be the fact that buying or selling bitcoins means interacting with a bitcoin exchange at some point, and “bitcoin exchange” may as well be synonymous with “security catastrophe” at this point.

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          Interesting, just following it the last couple weeks is what caught my eye, even though I have read about it for years. The value nearly doubling is impressive even though it probably is more of an exchange mechanism rather than an actual currency. I agree with the “bitcoin exchanges”, with the only recommendation from a past video being “Coinbase” which is startup in San Francisco. I think I’ll rely on stocks as usual.