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      Why’d they switch from LibreSSL to OpenSSL? I don’t see any downsides to using LibreSSL, and the OpenBSD guys tend to do a better job with security stuff.

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        and also https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19033634

        tl;dr: compatibility issues with libressl, and openssl allegedly got their shit together

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        Apparently OpenSSL has improved, and LibreSSL broke their ABI.


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        Because libressl isn’t in their mission. Their mission is keeping a tiny system working, and adding packaging effort to be more secure at some point is not worth it.

        Also libressl changed the openssl version constant, requiring more patching than had they not done so.

        OpenSSL still doesn’t have their stuff together, but more software deals with their stuff and the inane version checks for features.

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      I’m pretty interested in Alpine these days because ISH for IOS is based on that distro.

      The thing is crazy but super cool. A native ARM X86 emulator for IOS running the distro so you get a (slow, but totally usable!) emulated Linux environment on your IOS device.

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        That’s so cool! It works really well!

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          It really does! There’s something very cool about being able to pop a terminal and ssh to my EC2 instances from my iPad Pro :)

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      Any lobsters using this distro on their {desk,lap}tops?

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        I tried to but I got frustrated with some X errors I can’t recall while installing XFCE and LXDE in a VM using their official guide.

        Switched to Debian, installed three DEs and everything just worked, so I guess I’ll keep using Alpine for headless machines for now. I do like the project a lot, though.

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        I’m using Alpine on most of my devices, laptops have i3wm as DE.