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After seeing the post from levi.guru, I became curious what the new gTLDs were, so I looked up the list. Most of them are just generic English words for things you might look for on the internet, like .vacations, .rentals, .cruises. But apparently, the gTLDs are not restricted to the latin alphabet, because there are a bunch of Chinese gTLDs. A few of them are just taking established TLDs and translating them into Chinese, like .网络 (.net), .公司 (.com), and .政务 (.gov). But my personal favorites were .我爱你 (I love you), and .中文网 (Chinese internet). If you really want a good laugh, go look at the full list of applicants.

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      I have yet to come across any of these new gTLDs in use. Has anyone else?

      I’m of the opinions that these gTLDs are gimmicks and a waste of resources. Until now, TLD’s have been generi categories, meant for classifying the organisation/site. How exactly does .Chase, .Showtime, or .AAA (American companies, for those unfamiliar) benefit the world or the DNS system as a whole? Or at all?

      Playing devil’s advocate, I can see banks have a small but legitimate use. If the bank controls the registrar, then there’s no way to forge phishing.Chase (except by MITM the DNS) and therefore, it’s “more secure.” But if you’re the sort of person that’s susceptible to phishing, then you’re probably not looking at the URL bar closely in the first place.

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      Stackoverflow should buy code.tips!

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      What’s with the large number of repeated prefixes of obviously related registry corporations? John, Half, Fox, Sugar, Spring, Pine, Magic, Atomic, etc…