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    Appreciated that you’re trying to help here, but open source projects don’t just get maintainers by looking for random people on the internet. A new maintainer needs to be invested in the project, have an existing history of high quality contributions, and a be trusted to maintain the project’s vision, i.e. any potential new maintainers will already be known to the existing maintainers.

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      You’re correct, but I don’t think it defeats OP’s purpose.

      There are many projects that I use (but have never contributed to), that I’d be willing to find the time to inherit if no one else would. I’m not saying the outgoing maintainer should hand it off to me straight away, but this serves as a plaza to put outgoing and incoming maintainers in touch with each other.

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        There’s also https://adoptoposs.org for this specific purpose

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        Right. I find it hard to work or understand things I’m not interested in (or motivated to be), so I’m not sure how well this drive-by maintainer search could work.

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          The idea for this list came from a Mastodon thread. Someone I follow was feeling burnt out about his project and was looking for someone to help him review submissions for the 512kb.club, to which I offered my help. I’m now reviewing multiple PRs a day for the project.

          seeking-maintainers.net is an experiment to see if there is demand for such a platform in other parts of the internet.

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            Looks like no.

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        I would never transfer rights of my abandoned repos, don’t like - fork it!

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          I’ve added contributors with full rights, enabled forks, and done transfers. The problem is in branding — lots of people assume a fork is secondary. Even having a README do the redirect is clunky, it doesn’t transfer “the space it occupies in people’s minds”. Full transfers do, mostly, transfer the branding. Adding contributors is probably the cleanest from a branding perspective, but doesn’t credit the new maintainers as much as I’d like. Forks can work, but it takes a lot of effort to restart the community around the new brand.

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            You did I wouldn’t.