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Fork of Gogs and why.


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    As a users of Gogs I am happy to see greater community involvement. I was burned when the maintainer was away for three months; there were broken builds and and invalid SSL cert on the website.

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      yeah, why?

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        its the blog post:

        This happened not before trying to convince @Unknwon about giving write permissions to more people, among the community. He rightly considered Gogs his own creature and didn’t want to let it grow outside of him, thus a fork was necessary in order to set that code effectively free.

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          Looks like there was some minor drama in the Gogs world and that the primary developer of that project was away for a while. Since nobody could push changes they forked the project. An issue on the Gogs Github seems to indicate the protects have differing philosophies now.

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            Looks to me like your typical governance fork, like with ØMQ/nanoMSG, egcs/gcc, eglibc/glibc. I would bet on the fork with a more open community.

            Here’s what happened with ØMQ (but in reverse, name-wise):



            People over code, the best is the enemy of the good, worse is better. Instead of being conservative, accept more input from the community, grow and breathe enthusiasm into the community. Any warts introduced by one contributor will be polished by another.