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    Happy 2017, Lobsters announce

As requested, here is a 2016 recap like I did for 2015.

In 2016, we gained 1,345 new users, up from 1,273 in 2015.

There were 9,686 stories submitted (way up from 6,859 in 2015), with the most common tag again being programming used on 1,477 stories, followed by security being used on 1,097 stories.

The top 5 most frequent (non-moderator) submitters of stories in 2016:

  • pushcx with 1,022 stories (down from 1,304 in 2015 - Son, I am dissapoint)
  • calvin moving up three positions with 569 stories (up from 125 in 2015)
  • av moving up two positions with 398 stories (up from 160 in 2015)
  • angersock on the board with 313 stories
  • flyingfisch moving down two positions with 302 (up from 176 in 2015)

The most upvoted (non-meta) story in 2016 was Maybe we could tone down the JavaScript with a score of 100.

The top 5 most frequent non-moderator commenters in 2016:

The most upvoted non-moderator comment in 2016 was this by angersock.

There were 128 git commits to the code that runs the site, among 12 contributors. There were not very many new features, but lots of tweaks on existing ones and adjustments to voting and commenting rules.

Thanks to everyone for being here in 2016!


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    pushcx with 1,022 stories (down from 1,304 in 2015 - Son, I am dissapoint)

    I’m kind of surprised, I didn’t realize it fell so little. In the last six months I’ve almost totally stopped reading my tech feeds and mailing lists. I expected the number would be down 50% or more because the backlog is somewhere north of 1,000 items, but I guess there’s still a lot of interesting links going by on Twitter and the submit bookmarklet is right there in my browser.

    My reading’s been interrupted because work got really stressful over the summer. Finding a new job helped a lot, but switching back from Ruby to Python after 8 years away has made its own demands. When I want to relax in the evenings, instead of reading and studying I’ve mostly been vegging out to video games (specifically, Crypt of the Necrodancer and Invisible, Inc. - both great fun, but pretty mindless). As I mentioned a few weeks ago I’ve started consulting, making serious improvements in sales and retention in businesses with online sales/subscriptions. I have one client now and a full roster (probably 4-6 more) would solve a lot of problems and let me start posting from that backlog. If you want more stories and know a business that wants to make more money, drop me a note via private message or email to my username @valent.io.

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      Good luck with that!

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      Since his volume was so high, I had assumed that pushcx was a bot, but looking at the profile I see I was wrong. Thanks (and to all contributors) for all the posts!

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        @pushcx isn’t a bot.

        He’s actually a sockpuppet account for @michealochurch. :P

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          He also runs barnacl.es!

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            Hesitant to register squ.id

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            For some time I thought av was a bot because sometimes half of the newsfeed is made up of submissions by him/her.

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              That crossed my mind. Shortly later, I saw his Barnacles comments. The AI’s & chatterbots just aren’t getting such deep insights yet. Much less presenting them at appropriate times. So, he’s Googling, submitting, and writing all this while working an IT job and trying to start a marketing business. Maybe having fun on the side, too. Leads right to next possibility: he doesn’t sleep or just allows 4 hours for it. A mutant power there’s ample precedent for, especially among entrepreneurs, die-hard coders, and doctors with lawyers on speed dial.

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                Huh. This is one of those cases where the outside view looks radically different than the inside one. I generally feel ridiculously unproductive and lazy. Not that I am, but I’m pretty self-critical about what I do get done, which isn’t helpful. I need 8.5h of sleep per night to not feel pretty lousy the next day.

                Maybe it’s worth reminding that I work 3 days/week, not full-time, and the marketing business is an outgrowth of stuff I picked up over years at work rather than a new skillset. And rather than watch TV 5 hours a day I spend my downtime reading.

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                  I was exaggerating it for humor but you being part-time does make more sense. Im like you on the sleep thing.

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              Does anyone know what happened to @journeysquid?

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                Posted lobsters on my Twitter feed again. Honestly I think I’ve reached maximum saturation for my personal universe, but, can’t hurt to keep trying I suppose :)

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                  I’m a little surprised to see that I actually invited /u/angersock, in fact, just how many users are in my user tree. Seems to come from posting a tread on HN a while back, that I still get a trickle of invitation requests from. I’ve been a little more active around here lately, and glad to see that my user tree is mostly doing well. I’m honestly not making a lot of effort to screen people now - I figure that if somebody can dig up my HN post from a few years ago, they’re probably not a maliciously bad user.