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      I have a feature like that for rundoc https://github.com/zombocom/rundoc.

      Nothing worse than docs with screenshots of old UI that doesn’t exist referencing “settings” when the label was changed to “account” and never updated.

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        That’s really neat - I like how you can embed a script in your markdown file which can navigate through multiple steps before taking the screenshot: https://github.com/zombocom/rundoc#screenshots

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          Thanks. It’s a bit of a PITA to get totally reproduce-able docs, but I think it’s worth it :)

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          It seems like it could be valuable to integrate this even more with high-level ui/functional tests…

          I imagine running a test suite of ui tests that can define screenshot points at intermediate or success points, and also capture screenshots of failures. Then if the suite succeeds the docs are automatically updated w/ the successful screenshots, else I get a failure report w/ screenshots of the failed tests.