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    The performance improvements seem to be substantial this time.

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      For a good laugh, look here at this PR.

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        It’s both easier and more polite to ignore someone you think is being weird in a harmless way. Pointing and laughing at a person/community is the start of brigading. Lobsters isn’t big enough to be competent at this kind of evil, but it’s still a bad thing to try.

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          What other project has its lead calmly explaining the difference between horse_ebooks and actual horses to clarify a pull request?

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            And yet, he manages to offend someone.

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              Can someone explain the controversy here? I legitimately do not understand. Is the individual claiming to be a computer and a person? Or do they just believe that someday some people will be computers and desire to future-proof the messages (as it alluded to in another comment)?

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                This person is claiming they think of themselves as a robot, and is insulted at the insinuation that robots are not people.

                Posts like this remind me of just how strange things can get when you connect most of the people on the planet.

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                  So, I tried contacting the author:


                  Looks like she believes she’s a robot in the transhumanist sense. I thought transhumanists thought they would be robots some day, not that they already are robots now.

                  I tried reading through her toots as she suggested, but it was making me feel unhappy, because she herself seems very unhappy. She seems to be going through personal stuff like breaking up from a bad relationship or something.

                  I still don’t understand what is going on and what exactly does she mean by saying she’s a robot. Whatever the reason, though, mocking her is counterproductive and all around a dick thing to do. Her request in the PR was denied, which I think is reasonable. So “no” was said to something, contrary to what zpojqwfejwfhiunz said elsewhere.

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                    As someone who’s loosely in touch with some of the transhumanist scene, her answer makes no sense and was honestly kind of flippant and rude to you.

                    That said, it sounds like she’s been dealing with a lot of abuse lately from the fact that this Github thread went viral. I’m not surprised, because there are certain people who will jump on any opportunity to mock someone like her in an attempt to score points with people who share their politics. In this case she’s being used as a proxy to discredit the social justice movement, because that’s what she uses to justify her identity.

                    Abuse is never okay and cases like this require some pretty heavy moderation so that they don’t spiral out of control. But they also require a pretty firm hand so that you don’t end up getting pulled into every crazy ideascape that the internet comes up with. If I was the moderator of this GitHub thread, I would have told her, “Whatever it is you’re trying to express when you say ‘I am a robot,’ the Mastodon [BOT] flag is not the right way to do it.” End of discussion, and if anyone comes around to try to harass her, use the moderator powers liberally so as not to veer off-topic.

                    Then you could get into the actual meat of the discussion at hand, which was things like “If I have a bot that reposts my Twitter onto Mastodon, could that really be said to ‘not represent a person’? Maybe another wording would be better.”

                    In the end she’s just a girl who likes to say she’s a robot on the internet. If that bugs you or confuses you, the nicest thing you can do is just take it like that and just ignore her.

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                      I don’t think she was rude to me. She’s just busy with other things and has no obligation to respond to every rando who asks her stuff. I’m thankful she answered me at all. It’s a bit of effort, however slight, to formulate a response for anyone.

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                        I mean, I can kind of see where you’re coming from, but I’d still argue that starting with “You should develop your software in accordance to my unusual worldview”, followed by flippantly refusing to actually explain that worldview when politely asked, is at least not nice.

                        Regardless, that might justify a firm hand, but not harassment, because nothing justifies harassment.

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                          I see this point of view too. But I’m also just some rando on the internet. She doesn’t owe me anything, If someone needed to hear her reasons, that would have been the Mastodon devs. They handled it in a different way, and I think they handled it well, overall.

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                            I’m inclined to agree on that last point, though it’s hard to say for sure given all the deleted comments.

                            And I do hope she can work through whatever she’s going through.

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                      I don’t know, personally, anyone who identifies as a robot, but I do know a bunch of people who identify as cyborgs. Some of it’s transhumanist stuff – embedding sensors under the skin, that sort of thing. But much of it is reframing of stuff we don’t think of that way: artificial limbs, pacemakers, etc, but also reliance on smartphones, google glass or similar, and other devices.

                      From that standpoint, robot doesn’t seem a stretch at all.

                      That said, I agree that the feature wasn’t intended to be (and shouldn’t be) a badge. But someone did submit a PR to make the wording more neutral and inclusive, and that was accepted (#7507), and I think that’s a positive thing.

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                        Actually, that rewording even seems clearer to me regardless of whether someone calls themself a robot or not. “Not a person” sounds a bit ambiguous; because you can totally mechanically turk any bot account at any time, or the account could be a mirror of a real person’s tweets or something.

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                        That’s unfortunate. It’s always difficult to deal with these things. I, too, understood transhumanism to be more of a future thing, but apparently at least some people interpret it differently. Thanks for following up where I was too lazy!

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                        American ‘snowflake’ phenomenon. The offendee believes that the rest of the world must fully and immediately capitulate to whatever pronoun they decided to apply to themselves that week, and anything other than complete and unquestioning deference is blatant whatever-ism.

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                          Person in question is Brazilian, but don’t let easily checked facts get in the way of your narrative.

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                            Thanks for the clarification. Ugh, the phenomenon is spreading. I hope it’s not contagious. Should we shut down Madagascar? :-D

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                              TBH I think it’s just what happens when you connect a lot of people who speak your language to the internet, and the USA had more people connected than elsewhere.

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                                It definitely takes a lot of people to make a world. To paraphrase Garcia, “what a long strange trip it will be”.

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                            She says “she” is a fine pronoun for her.

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                        It’s wonderful. :)

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                        What is happening there? I can’t tell if this is satire or reality

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                          That’s pretty common with Mastodon; there’s an acrid effluence that tinges the air for hours after it leaves the room. That smell’s name? Never saying no to anyone.

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                            Seems “never saying no to anyone” has also been happening to lobster’s invite system :(

                            People here on lobsters used to post links to content they endorse and learn something from and want to share in a positive way. Whatever your motivation was to submit this story, it apparently wasn’t that…

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                              The person who shared the “good laugh” has been here twice as long as you have.

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                                I’m absolutely not saying you’re wrong, but I’m pretty confident there’s something to be learned here. I may not necessarily know what the lesson is yet, but this is not the first or the last situation of this kind to present itself in software development writ large.