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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    • Celebrating 23 years of partnership with my wife.
    • Tinkering with a Rock64 board.
    • Putting together a new Ryzen system for my home server.
    • Running some C compilers that were released around 35 years ago.
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      My boyfriend is visiting, so, hanging out with him for the weekend!

      Also writing a minimal-ish chat protocol, inspired a bit by the recent discussions about IRC and wondering what something like “Gemini: The Chat Protocol” might look like. I’m not quite sure I can be as hardcore minimalist as Gemini is, but, it’s still interesting to see how close one can get. Server is WIP currently, but I’m using it as an excuse to learn Elixir, which is also a trip.

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        For the chat protocol. Isn’t IRCv3 in many ways this? Between classic IRC and the many web protocols we have now? PSYC might also bring some inspiration.

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          I’d forgotten that IRCv3 existed, it looks pretty decent as IRC goes. Not exactly minimal though, and one weirdness with IRC that I never hear people talking about is the server-to-server stuff. It defines no S2S protocol, but does define a S2S structure, how it connects together and some commands to query it and stuff. But as far as I can tell the only people who talk about its strengths and weaknesses are IRC netops, and not very much at that. So it’s hard to contrast S2S models between IRC and things like Matrix or XMPP.

          PSYC does look interesting, thanks for another reference!

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        Some friends of the family have some rural land with a trailer on it and wide-open fields, so we’re going up there to give our kids some freedom and fresh air after months of lockdown.

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          Setup a new router for my home network using OpenBSD which I haven’t used much before. I bought a PCEngines APU board and it arrived last night.

          Short term goals (half of these this weekend would be great):
          [X] - Install OpenBSD and get it running as a client on my existing network
          [ ] - Setup NAT, DHCP and setup basic firewall rule
          [ ] - Connect to my ISP. This will be an ordeal. The DOCSIS modem is dumb and leaves running the PPPoE session to the router and the ISP also requires traffic to run over VLAN2. So I’ll be figuring out how to configure both of those I guess
          [ ] - Document the initial setup and get all the config into git. And write something simple to diff and deploy it.

          Once those are done I can retire the ISP supplied router. I’ve got a few long term goals for a more complicated setup but that can be added incrementally.

          Last night was fun getting OpenBSD installed. The board was boot looping and it took me a while to find it out needed to set the tty to the com port at the OpenBSD bootloader boot> prompt (and set the baud rate!). After that everything was quite straightforward.

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            Finishing conversion of some hobby C and C++ projects to FASTBuild. Some initial results showed around a 4x improvement in clean build speed over CMake/Makefiles, even without setting using distributed builds, so I’m curious to finish the conversion and see what the actual data shows. I’ve been looking for a CMake alternative for Linux/Windows and recently learned CLion accepts compilation databases, which means FASTBuild, Meson, Premake, and SCons are viable options for my use case.

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              Not a danged thing. I think we might watch the latest drop on Netflix of “The Boys”

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                Might be a bit against the grain of this thread, but does anyone ever feel they have the programmers “itch” but don’t have anything to program? Or have much motivation…

                I often have projects that I stick a lot of free time into but then one they’re done, or half done with no motivation to go back, I often have dry periods where I just don’t do anything other than browse the web hoping inspiration strikes.

                Yes it’s OK to do nothing at all I agree, but it’s nice to always have something on the go!

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                  picking up heavy things and putting them down

                  I’m getting into weight-training after being out of the game for a few years. My muscle memory has been returning and I’m enjoying the transition from an untrained state into a trained one (“noob gains”). being that I’m in this transition state I don’t yet have to worry too much about being in a “bulk” or a “cut” yet so I’m just trying to eat lots and rest well on the days that I do lift.

                  Also working on my org-mode PIM system a little bit more, forever shaping headlines into something resembling a stripped GTD with some manual help from the org-ml package. mish-mash of hacks to get what I want here and there

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                    I develop a city building game (100% with Flutter). Gonna start implementing map and add travel ability. Say you can check what is new on map and send a squad there to loot resources or help strangers. Sometimes an interactive fiction event may start and you have to play a mini game.

                    I blog about development: https://gladimdim.org

                    Online version of the game (Flutter PWA) https://locadeserta.com/sloboda

                    Android (Flutter Native): https://locadeserta.com/citybuilding

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                      PWA is blank for me on iOS. 🤔

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                        iOS has crippled PWA support. i decided to abandon iOS support as well

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                      Harvesting/canning/drying high season.

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                        Nice! What are you canning?

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                          peeled tomatos, tomato sauce, dried tomatos, tomato consommé (with the steam juicer). gherkins (pickled and lacto) with various herbs.

                          pickled zucchini salad is done my by elderly mum this week, I’m only the good-for (good for carrying ;) )

                          carrots (quartered & frozen, julienne and pickled, quartered and lactofermented)

                          lots of other stuff frozen (my bro brought some dry ice to tune up the chest freezers).

                          In case you wonder: my parents have 8m+6m polytunnels and in the 8 raised beds (6×1.2m²) there is much stuff waiting. mostly heirloom variants. you have to scald/chill/skin the tomatos due to the thick skin, but the taste plays in a higher division.

                          4-6 family staff in two open garages, and the canning took place under the pouch. only 4 jars broken this year :)

                          Lots of work (I threw the towel sunday at 10pm after rinsing and washing the place), but also lots of fun and pizza and Krautkuchen (looks like https://www.pinterest.de/pin/303641199874222850/).

                          And on monday you feel the difference in the (unstressed) eyes.

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                        Finally catch up on sleep.

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                          I’ve started working on some CFD simulations. The goal is to be able to predict the flight path of a disc golf disc (frisbee) from the disc’s shape, initial velocity, and initial rotational speed. It turns out that there’s a lot of grunt work involved that I didn’t know about (preparing the simulation domain, meshes, etc). At the start I basically knew nothing about fluid dynamics or aerodynamics, but my roommate is doing a PhD in fluid dynamics, so that helps :)

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                            Very interesting, are you using a CFD package or writing one yourself? If you are documenting this anywhere (blog or gitgub) I would be very interested in seeing what you do.

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                              I’m using an open source CFD package called OpenFOAM. Once I get things up and running I’ll definitely be documenting it somehow!

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                            My goal this long weekend is to submit another PR to https://github.com/miek/inspectrum to finish adding a “region of interest” bounding box that tells bandwidth of a signal, center, and time duration.

                            I just submitted a PR to provide a frequency offset so signals loaded into it can be shifted to the real frequency where they were captured.

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                              I’ll continue hacking on an old 25+ year old program that has many nested layers of cpp macros.
                              Having a picnic with my parents and girlfriend; it’s time to introduce them to her.

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                                I plan on working on my wife’s e-commerce site some more, and spending Sunday morning working on Battle for Seclusa. Other than that, a bit of house cleaning.

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                                  Trying to reset my sleep schedule by exhausting myself today.

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                                    • Catching up on sleep
                                    • Writing automation scripts for creating a DEB package of nginx web server with Brotli & latest version of OpenSSL statically linked to the main binary
                                    • Going through “Learn C The Hard Way” once again to brush up on my C skills
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                                      Realistically? Coming up with more excuses not to start that new Rails project I’ve been contemplating for a few months. Probably lobste.rs PRs and cleaning up some other code of my own.

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                                        I am somewhat in the happy path in the sense that both work and personal project intersect, I will study how to convert boolean logic into FSM and try to figure how it relates to binary decision trees.

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                                          I just launched Integer Tools and today I’m starting to work on Time Tools, which is a collection of browser-based utilities for quickly doing time and date calculations and conversions.

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                                            Going to expand my save link script with features that Pinboard has.


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                                              Trying to get atop of free software work, sports.

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                                                • Finishing up my learning resource website for the Ink programming language including a build pipeline written in Ink.
                                                • Having some calls with software friends abroad.
                                                • Continuing my running streak!
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                                                  Last weekend I released ymake which aims to be a drop in replacement for nmake to use parallel jobs and can track a dependency graph across many directories. This weekend I’ll work through the list of enhancements to make it work better. My goal is to have a single build system that works in a degraded form out of the box with Visual Studio, but can also work in a more optimal form using its own tools.

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                                                    • Started working through part III of https://craftinginterpreters.com/contents.html in ‘modern C++’ this week, this is where I’m at: https://godbolt.org/z/fxE8nv (lexer done, bytecode vm and parser for grouped infix expressions done). Continue on that.
                                                    • Longer term I’ve been working on a side game project with the engine again in ‘modern C++’ but runs in WASM / web too (also testing on macOS, Windows and iOS – will do a native Android build soon). The web version provides an immediate mode UI API in C++ that makes HTML / CSS elements, and I use that to make a game editor. It also involves a reflection system that gives it serialization and automatic inspection UI capabilities. Screenshot here: https://i.imgur.com/dyUtL8f.png – but yeah, also continue on that.