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      Not a single one of the examples works on my mobile browser (using latest Firefox) :/

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        They don’t seem to work on Safari on the desktop, either – some of them don’t work at all, some of them look and act a little weird (e.g. the horizontal wipe animation has some artefacts, and the way focus works on it is not very consistent). This might be WebKit related – I’m usually using (another) WebKit-based browser and they don’t seem to work here, either.

        On the browsers where they work they actually look pretty cool and I think the author did a really god job of putting together cool demos that are also readable and pretty straightforward.

        This is a very cool showcase for the author’s skill and technological inventiveness. Not so much for the underlying technology though. If this is what animating things on the web is shifting towards… on the one hand, I guess it beats doing it in JS, but on the other hand, boy am I glad I stopped doing any of this by the time Flash was on its way out. This does not look fun at all.

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        Firefox android worked for me for most of them… Timing seems to be off on the iris and clock, but they still “fail” gracefully – ie transition when intended, just without the effect. The rest all seem to behave the same as on desktop.

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