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With so many streaming services available currently, I still believe having a personal audio media server is kinda cool. I have a lot of personal audio collection available. What I want to have is a streaming server hosted on a device like Raspberry Pi.

I got some possible options like Koel, Sonerezh, Subsonic, Tomahawk etc.

Before I setup, I’d like to know what others have been doing.


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    I used GrooveBasin back when it was based on mpd (and it is still mpd-client compatible). The device was a little beefier than an RPi: an old Athlon II dual-core so that files could be on a large, old SATA drive. I forget exactly why I stopped using GrooveBasin, but for a while I didn’t have any central library or streaming.

    More recently I’ve been using Mopidy, and liked it quite a bit, but for the inverse of streaming. That is, I used it to run a central speaker setup and play music from anywhere (including streams) and control it from anywhere (e.g. web client). I’ve been generally impressed with the Mopidy software and the plugin ecosystem and know that supports Icecast to some extent, but have not used myself for that purpose.

    Once again I used that same older machine, but is still a notch above an RPi so can’t speak to its performance there.

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      Mopidy looks great.

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      mpd can stream music over HTTP (vlc works great as a player on mobile and desktop) with the httpd config setting; docs on how to use it are in the mpd manpage, or I can share my config if you want. mpd can also be controlled over the network with any number of tools, I use ympd. For managing the mp3 files I use beets.io

      The caveats to using mpd is that you have to patch together a few tools, roll your own auth (which could just be basic HTTP auth with user/pass) and mobile support isn’t great. But the upside is that you use really simple tools that do just one thing each.

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        By streaming, do you mean something like Spotify, where the music is hosted elsewhere but you can play it at will, or do you mean more like a radio station where it constant plays through a playlist?

        For the former, I’d recommend Subsonic. For the latter, I’d recommend Icecast.

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          For the later I recently set up VLC as a video server and client, on an OrangePi One it works like a dream for video at least. I think I also saw Icecast support in there.

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            I found VLC’s streaming to be really erratic and not worth the trouble to use.

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            Thanks, I was asking about the former only - hosted media content that can be played at will.

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            I was using GrooveBasin for a while (http://andrewkelley.me/post/quest-build-ultimate-music-player.html) but I didn’t really like the node.js dependency. I tried to build it on Arch a while back and it had some fairly major compilation issues. Lately I’ve just generated a m3u file on my NAS and listen to tunes in VLC via SSH tunnel. (https://sites.ualberta.ca/~jpm1/generate-playlist.py.txt)

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              I installed Plex Server on an old iMac I had laying around (it mounts a drive from my NAS where the music is actually located). Stream via web or the plethora of apps available. If I could run FreeBSD in vmm(4), I’d probably setup a guest and run the Plex Server there.