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    This just has to be some sort of stunt / cultural commentary. It cannot be someone’s earnest intention. Can it?

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      I don’t know specifically, but there’s prior art for opera and the amazon fire browser using cloud assist.

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        I spoke to one of the creators the other day and my first impression was that this was really dumb, but I knew that it must have been my fault because this particular person builds amazing things.

        And then, after talking for a few minutes, I started to get it. Here’s how I understand how this could be the future (Note: this is my interpretation, not their’s):

        Data science is one domain that has stubbornly refused to move to the browser. JupyterLab is moving the UI to the browser, but the computation is still happening back on servers. I am building a data science studio that runs entirely in the browser (computation and all). But to do many types of data science in the medical field this is impractical, as you need hundreds of GB of ram, at least, and computers that you run Chrome on don’t have those specs typically. In comes Mighty. Suddenly I can run Chrome on a machine with 1TB of RAM and run complex data science as a web app. As a data science tool developer, this makes my life much easier. As a user, this makes my life much easier.

        So I think this is a pretty cool idea…