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      I wish they had shorteded removesuffix and removeprefix a bit. Maybe rmsuffix/rmprefix or rtrim/ltrim.

      Generally I prefer explicitness but for something so common and simple a cleaner shortcut would be nice.

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      PEP 617 “New PEG parser for CPython” linked in the article was a really good read, with a nice comparison of real-world parser capabilities and limitations. Could be a good resource for those looking to develop parsers for new programming languages. Also, the use of position-based memoization to accommodate left-recursion is a neat idea that I hadn’t seen before.

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        I also enjoyed this extensive explanation from Python creator and PEG parser implementor Guido van Rossum himself, which can be found in this video: https://youtu.be/QppWTvh7_sI

        It’s also just a fun video on language parsers in general