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    I like the project and certainly see the value of it.

    However, please allow me to be blunt: The name is just plain shitty. There is no need to dilute the well-established “DuckDuckGo” brand and to seriously risk user confusion since it is not at all far fetched that people will confuse “DuckDuckGo” and “DeckDeckGo” at times.

    Mind you, DuckDuckGo is a registered trademark. Trademark law dictates that you must protect your names or you risk losing legal protection for it so ignoring services with similar names is not generally a wise option. On the other hand, if DuckDuckGo do approach DeckDeckGo about a name change, I would not be surprised to see a shitstorm accusing them of going after a “poor new project merely paying hommage to a popular search engine name” even though this type of description is simply inaccurate from a legal perspective. Names do matter.

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      This is not DuckDuckGo, but DeckDeckGo. And search engine’s name comes from a children’s game, so it might not be that it has anything regarding the engine. Also: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4940416 :)

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        Yeah, but context and formatting also had me believe that this was some affiliated product, or in some sense related to the “DuckDuckGo” search engine. It’s like someone starting naming their company “Googel”, and claiming there’s no reason to associate it with the infamous search engine, because the last two letters are swapped.

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          Could you please give me an example of context and formatting? I’m not affiliated with either, but curious to see what causes people to associate one with the other.

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            Context would be that it’s posted here, on a technical link aggregator, where many people value/are interested in privacy topics, such as the ones that DuckDuckGo talks about.

            Formatting is just that DeckDeckGo is written in camel case, just like DuckDuckGo, not “Deck Deck Go” or “Duck, Duck, Go!”, etc. like the game.

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          Board games, movies, and search engines are covered by different trademark classes, i.e. they do not conflict with one another from a legal perspective.

          On the other hand, DuckDuckGo and DeckDeckGo are both online services…

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            Oh, ok, I didn’t know that there are classes, thanks for pointing that out. This means https://hoogle.haskell.org is in deep trouble :)

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        misleading name :(

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          This. I expected to see something about search engines…

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            I think naming is ok! It was actually just what I expected from the name.

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              I genuinely assumed that DuckDuckGo had made some open-source presentation templates or something. I was surprised this was just piggybacking on their name.

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            This seems to break my browser’s back button.

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                Yeah, not quite functional.

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                  Yeah this is pretty poor experience, combined with the lack of scroll control (i.e. you can’t scroll to navigate) it’s pretty much unusable IMO.

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                  Doesn’t seem to work. Navigation by clicking or arrow keys doesn’t work.

                  Maybe it was only tested in one browser?

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                    I like the idea! Something I could see myself using. But as many have pointed out, not quite ready for prime time yet.

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                      What are the advantages over beamer+an online latex editor?

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                        Looks nicer (but that’s subjective impression), easier to edit (again, subjective) and works on mobile platforms, as well has remote control.

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                        ermergerd, DeckDeckGo.