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    The author is brilliant and I own a previous book of his, Scheme-9 from empty space. I wish I had time to follow his work closely.

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        Yes, he’s prolific! I am partway through “Lisp System Implementation”. Really enjoying his style: clear and precise while still being somehow light-hearted.

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          I just bought his lambda calculus book.

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      (let ((light)) t)
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        Upvoted for the web site color scheme alone…

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          It’s surprisingly readable too!

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            Even on mobile

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          i started puttering with seeing what it’d take to make an amd64 assembly lisp a few years ago. wish I had kept it up. I got lost over in parser land, there’s too much clutter from other, more complex, systems laying around my head, so I turned myself around and couldn’t get out. One day I’ll get back to it and see clearly.