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    Started like a solid exploration of the device, nice technical writeup. Went into an OK business introspection. And the last 1/3 is a whole lot of drama. 5/7 with rise.

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      What a roller coaster. The NFT vibes from this project were all there.

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        god forbid i don’t like the deals from distributors for my music…

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        Came for the hardware chit chat, stayed for the fake job shit show.

        Call me a fickle fan, but if I had this kind of experience with an artist’s work, it would probably turn me off pretty hardcore. Heck, one of my former favorite artists had a garbage, unannounced no photography policy at a concert I went to and it almost got my smartphone yanked out of my hands by security… when I dare take a picture from the balcony. I stayed only because I paid almost $100 for the tickets and I just had a fresh beer in hand. I barely listen to the artist anymore except for whenever autoplay brings it up.

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          The webUSB emulation part seems interesting, all the other parts regarding who liked whoms album and streaming less so.

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            After the technical write up in the beginning this was incredibly hard to follow, mostly because I’m not familiar with the parties involved. Can someone summarize it, or is this just a shitty MP3 player that Kanye West tried to make into an NFT… something?