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    So the article opens with this caption under some rando scary graphic:

    As the volume of personal data in the cloud increases, so does the level of ID fraud

    The only other mention of the word fraud is in this sentence:

    The more of our data that’s out there scattered throughout the world, the more vulnerable it is to hackers, argues Mr Caudill - a supposition borne out by the fact that identity fraud is on the rise.

    Basically, repeats the claim. Offers no evidence, no citations, no measurements. No alternative theories, like fraud is on the rise because criminals have access to cheaper computers.

    How worried should I be? If Facebook has “1000 pages” of data about me, what is my fraud risk? If Facebook has 5000 pages, has my risk gone up 5x? How many pages of data should I limit Facebook to to protect myself from fraud?