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    Oh dear.

    I feel vaguely like Yoda did when order 66 was given out.

    Here are my predictions….

    • 99% of javascript and CSS now is papering over the dismal failure to progress standardization of browsers. This will just get worse, much worse.

    • By enabling the same language on server and client… there will be a dismal increase in connasence in web apps.

    • ClojureScript != Clojure problem. https://github.com/clojure/clojurescript/wiki/Differences-from-Clojure TL;DR; javascript’s datatypes and concurrency model leaks into the high level language.

    • View Source will become more and more tragically useless, destroying a large part of what built the WWW in the first place.

    • The promise of the same language on client and server is going to become uncomfortably untrue when you start depending on libraries…

    • Microsoft is salivating. I bet they will be one of the first off the block with a C# to webasm that runs in all browsers….. and then immediately will start screwing with the standard implementation in IE so they have an edge.