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    There is also The Underhanded Crypto Contest that was running up until last year, somewhat associated with DC/BH.

    The underhanded C contents in 2013 (luggage routing) felt especially on the mark. I experienced a routing bug at an airport where the luggage intended for (0) was swapped with the last (13) when compared to the information on the displays. It did not take more than a few minutes for the area to be completely swamped and live-locked, with multiple hours of cramped panicked chaos for it to resolve.

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      I had a lot of fun working on this, though it was passed over due to being an environmental attack - changing the number of cores during runtime - rather than a data driven attack. I used code copied and pasted from stack overflow in the buggy part, and tried to make it look like someone had wanted to do performance testing but had not had a chance to finish it before handing the project over.

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        Anyone know why this isn’t running anymore?

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          We need to do one for verification tools. Maybe The Underhanded Coq Contest showing how CompCert can add backdoors.

          Wait, that title might not work. Any better ideas?

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            coq au win?

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            There was also an underhanded Rust contest, I’d love to rerun it if someone ends up having the time. http://blog.community.rs/underhanded/2017/09/27/underhanded-results.html

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