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    I never liked the omission of the full stop at the end of the so called summary, and started adding it many years ago. There are others with similar experience. Let me link to antirez’s blog post to avoid explaining it myself: http://antirez.com/news/90

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      Worth noting that the commit messages produced by git (like for merge commits) do not add a period (by default).

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        I often edit merge commits, and when I do I obviously add lacking period.

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        Thanks for the link, I’ll be saving it!

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        Good advice. I would add, though, that when working with a defect-tracking system, write the summary to reference the defect and defect summary:

        Defect #: Defect Summary.

        Or whatever format the system requires to link the commit to the defect. (s/defect/feature/g as needed)

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          I actually read somewhere (probably from a long forgotten link shared here) to avoid being imperative in my commit messages!

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            Perhaps add “(2008)” to the title of this post?

            Stories with similar links:

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