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    For insta-sharing of the modified videos / their “indexes”, maybe you could put them on IPFS? Sorry if you already mention this somewhere, I only glanced over the readme as I’m in a hurry.

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      I actually don’t modify the videos, I just download them and build a timetable (that I call an ‘index’) that remembers when was the video loud and when was it silent - the timetable file sizes range from 1K to 20K (I don’t even bother to compress them), most of them being in the ~4K range (it’s the javascript that speeds up the video while playing it). And this extension is not currently used much, so it’s not much of a concern as the sizes are manageable so far.

      IPFS is interesting project and I need to finally look into it further. It would be really nice if I managed to run it entirely over IPFS and eliminate the need for a central server. I quite like the idea.

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        I played with the Go API recently, there was a lot of docs I had to wade through, but the final code was quite nice and short. Just remember to call “pin” and/or “provide”, one of them brought down sharing speed from behind NAT from some horrific 45 minutes to something much more bearable around 2 min. And experimental auto-relay; didn’t minimize to check which ones are the required ones. I know they also have JS lib on the same level of support I think.