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    I flagged this as spam. I like and respect some of the things that came out of grsecurity/PaX. However, this blog post mostly seems like a way to promote the product.

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      Gonna disagree pretty strenously on that one. While they do sell a product, the post is a good breakdown, with actual code listings. I hope others don’t follow your example

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        I agree with you here. And I prefer this kind of advertising over yet another bollocks node.js-startup that creates blogs to recruit people. I swear to god, something dies inside of me every time I read something along the lines of “Our young and fresh startup is looking for new SOAP heroes. Apply now using our REST API!”

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          I’d prefer no advertising but that’s unrealistic.

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          That’s fine. I think it would be a good breakdown without the product plug and the “but we offer this service to our customers” nonsense.

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            fair enough. its a find line to be sure

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          This feels like an ad, but with a technical mindset. I dislike their attitude the most. They maybe correct, but they come over as assholes. Oh look how great we are and how bad the kernel team is…

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            True, there’s certainly an element of that, but honestly I was pleasantly surprised at how much less snipey and insulting this post was than most things I’ve seen from the PaX/grsec team (I feel like they’re usually worse in that regard).

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              Yeah, if you ever read anything that grsecurity/PaX folks write it’s always the same thing. Everyone else is stupid and not doing what they’re supposed to be doing (or stealing their code and not giving credit to them) and everything they do is the proper and only way to do it. I still like some of the things they do but this attitude will always be a problem.

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              Also I’m not completely clear when they noticed it. I hope at the latter end of this story, and then reported it. But by interspersing “we did x” in between all the “they did y” this makes me read “we noticed and just didn’t tell them”.