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Happy New Year, Lobsterman…


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    Lobsterman? Why use a contrived singular & gendered word when the site’s name is itself a perfectly good aggregate gender-less and appropriate plural?

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      We could give OP the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re deriving it from the word human. Words with ‘man’ in them are not implicitly gendered.

      Out of all the suggestions, my favourite is “crustaceans”, however.

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        That seems unlikely, especially since the plurality is still wrong (wouldn’t it be “lobstermans” in that case?) but I suppose it’s possible. Which is why I framed my comment as a question. Having said that, looking at OPs comments on this site it appears they are not a native English speaker and could simply have gotten the plurality wrong.

        I concede not all words with “man” in them are implicitly gendered, but you have to agree that many are explicitly so (fireman vs firefighter, policeman vs police officer, etc). And when the obvious alternatives (e.g. lobsters / crustaceans) are non-gendered, it seemed weird to me.

        Out of all the suggestions, my favourite is “crustaceans”, however.

        I prefer “lobsters” fwiw. :-)

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        Yeah, I already thought we referred to ourselves as lobsters?

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          I’ve hear “crustaceans” in the chat room, but I prefer “lobsters”.

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            “Crustaceans” is verging on confusion with Rust’s preferred punny demonym “rustaceans”.

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              Are you implying every Lobsters user isn’t also a Rust user? ;)

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              I find it a bit confusing for the name of the site and the term for its inhabitants to be the same. Given that the site is called “lobsters” it feels like the term for its users should be something like “lobsterers”… which of course makes no sense. I have yet to hear a term that really feels right.

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          Happy New Years you crusty crustaceans. May 2017 be ever in your favor. :)

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            Another year of Lobste.rs being my favourite site to visit each day. I didn’t participate as much as I would have liked, and there was a little more noise than last year, but I’m still finding this place to be a much better place to hang out than anywhere else. If I’m going to resolve to do anything this year it’s help keep this place something I want to stay a part of.

            And possibly do more to be healthier. But I suppose that’s what everyone says.

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