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      I learned of this implementation’s existence because it was mentioned in a new SRFI. It’s hosted on Chibi (but can theoretically be run on any R7RS small implementation). Looks pretty cool, and it even comes with a syntax-case implementation, which perhaps we could steal for a CHICKEN egg :)

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        Can you ELI5 how it makes sense for one scheme implementation to require a second one? Couldn’t I just use Chibi instead of this?

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          I guess a good example would be Racket running on Chez Scheme; an implementation can offer new syntax and experiment with other new features while leveraging the runtime and tooling of another implementation. This is also how new implementations get bootstrapped, but I think for this particular one the goal is more to be a clean (in their words “sane”) implementation of Scheme which makes it easy to add reference implementations of new SRFI libraries (which is what it’s being used for right now).

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      OK I can honestly say that this is the only programming language I have ever seen where despite clicking several levels deep through link nests I have yet to come upon an actual example of the syntax of this variant or what makes it different.

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        It says it’s an implementation of R7RS scheme, so any scheme code you’ve seen before would be literally identical?

        I’m not sure you correctly parsed what this project is. It’s not a new language. It’s an implementation of an existing one.

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          You’re right. I hadn’t. Thanks for pointing that out.

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            No problem. 🙂

            Have you ever tried Scheme?

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              I have! I got through the first 1/3 or so of SICP using MIT Scheme, and I’ve played off and on with Racket, Chicken Scheme and, back in the dark ages when dinos roamed the earth, I ported Scheme48 to Windows as part of my day job :)

              LISP like languages are a thing I have wanted to explore in more depth for a long time, but lately I’m cutting back on that kind of thing a lot in favor of honing my important skills for $dayjob :)