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    First largest contribution, Smartisan. Second largest contribution:

    The second is the OpenBSD community who together made the second largest donation of 2016.


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      Wow. Kudos. I would have never expected a donation from Target Corporation, which is the second-largest discount store retailer in the USA. Will Walmart be donating next?

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        Target might be doing it for PR after the hack. Management be like, “Yeah, people will see us funding OpenBSD. They’ll start talking publicly about our commitment to security. Obviously we ported all our DOS and mainframe stuff to it in a few months on a budget without crashing our whole enterprise.” (room erupts into laughter)

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        DELL, we are looking at you!!! Using OpenBSD software and not donating shit..

        What is Dell using OpenBSD in again? Also to those reading. Nobody is obliged to donate, but if a large company uses this software, it should have the decency to do so.