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    I first watched this talk last year and thought “wow this guy doesn’t understand engineering”, then actually talked to a bunch of “real” engineers and realized that no he actually got it pretty dead on.

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      Thanks for posting. It’s really good. I’m tempted to summarize or just dump my notes, but I don’t think I could do it justice. Instead, some teasers, for others like myself who are reluctant to watch hour-long video talks:

      • there’s a historical argument
      • lots of book and essay recommendations
      • bridges get broken and built
      • formal methods make an appearance at the end
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      Great talk! The article ‘What is Software Design’ [1] that is mentioned has had a great influence on me, in clarifying what it is that I am, and should be, doing every day.

      [1] ‪https://www.developerdotstar.com/mag/articles/reeves_design.html‬

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        That link 404s, for me.

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          Can’t edit that link any more, but apparently I managed to copy-paste a non-prontable tailing character in there. Should be https://www.developerdotstar.com/mag/articles/reeves_design.html

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              If you find the article interesting, the next logical step is Peter Naur’s Programming as Theory Building

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          Wanted to add it to my “watch later” list and found it is already on there. Probably for quite a while.