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    This is something that we initially built within my company to increase the automation of several customer-facing API integrations that we have (e.g. sending Slack notifications, picking a spreadsheet, etc).

    The main benefit it provides is to keep the codebase free from API specificities. For example, the authentication part is totally handled within Pizzly. That way, our engineering team was focused on using the data from the endpoints and the code was not cluttered. Also, it appeared to me that they were keener to build integrations using Pizzly.

    It was recently open-sourced as the company moved to other projects.

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      This is interesting. It seems like it basically acts as an JS library to handle OAuth for many different services?

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        It can be used A to Z within a frontend, or just use the JS lib to initiate the OAuth dance and then query the API from your backend. Up to you.