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    On a mobile phone, about 50% of the screen is taken up with sharing links and banners taking my email address. The site also feels really janky on mobile.

    As far as the content goes, it feels very unfocused, targeting new developers, and not providing a lot that I couldn’t get by reading HN and Twitter.

    My recommendation would be to find which group you want to serve and niche down on them.

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      Each week we try to gather up the most important news from the week. I’m sure we miss stuff still but we’ve got a process we’re happy with now and it should only get better from here. Definitely interested in any feedback you have, either on how badly we suck or ideas for growing the newsletter :)

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        Pretty sure 22$ a month is more than my nytimes+economist subscriptions combined, so I’d expect more of a deep dive “firehose” than an entry level “drip”.

        Sorry if that’s harsh. Good luck!

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          I think NYTimes costs $16/month? So if you have a way to get the economist at $6/month I’d love to know

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            Nytimes digital is $7.50 every 4 weeks, economist is ~$150 a year so $12.5 brings us to $20 even. I actually just subscribed to Nautilus for $3.25/mo so I am now at $23.25 for 3 publications.

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            Thanks for the response! The news we provide weekly can always be found on our blog for free. It has been free all 16 weeks :) We spend a lot of time narrowing down the list to save developers time. We try to pick news that we think is extremely valuable. We have a new free video M-F on our homepage. The subscription service is just to have access to all of our material.

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              Some feedback.

              The digest seems to cover only things that were high on HN and other news sites, targeted mostly at web developers (the amount of javascript content is thwarting), topics that interest me barely get a single sentence notice:

              OpenBSD gets a new unique kernel on each reboot, guess who’s the cool kid now

              and at that off the bleeping computer article, not the mailing list threads and undeadly that covered the topic weeks before.

              The video being the main content feels like a waste of time, while I appreciate the time it takes to make a summary a textual index with an ability to jump to a video summary would be much better.

              I went through some of your older ones like: https://www.dailydrip.com/blog/weekly-drip-013-1-tabs-cost-you-money-mac-ransomware-and-g-mic-is-more-awesome

              mostly because I saw my OpenBSD daily blog post covered there. The coverage was:

              OpenBSD Daily

              literally just reading the post title.

              In summary. If I was to pay for a service to digest news for me I would expect at least:

              • being able to pick my areas of interest
              • additional info that a quick scan of the title and a few paragraphs won’t give me

              With the ones I saw while checking now, I would discard 2/3rds of every one of them as purely web development related or blog posts that are just popular. The remaining 1/3rd that I actually find interesting get’s very shallow coverage that gives me no context on why I want to dive deeper except ‘This is OpenBSD, this is C, this is blah’.

              The level of coverage feels like noting down the most popular topics for a week and selecting a subset to read titles of for 3 minutes. Sorry if this sounds harsh, I don’t know how much work actually goes on behind this and if there’s more content for paid subscribers - just giving feedback on what was available on the blog.