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    Love this sort of thing. Trying to use the actual MIDI chip from the original phone is a nice detail. It’s also cool that they are using a case with the patent running out soon so they can make/sell modded cases that are a tighter fit.

    Interesting that the Raspberry Pi in a GameBoy case project was in the inspiration for this, wermy and sudomod.com also really inspired me to start messing around with hardware. I haven’t been anywhere near as successful as this project ;)

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      The entire process was very painful, lots of money and time were wasted for trial and error. As the CTO of our company (SudoMaker), I did this sorely as my own personal interest and didn’t spent much time caring for the company over the 2 years. And our company isn’t in a good condition now.

      Glad it was all worth it.

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        I didn’t happen to see the last bit:

        However, I finally made it. This is at least a meaningful thing. Hope you can understand my feelings, enjoy this project, share it to others, and maybe support it. Let’s get over this hard time together.

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        I’d be pretty down, but no 4G (or any Gs) will be a pretty big issue. I suppose you could carry a hotspot, but no data kinda defeats one of the unique purposes of a phone.

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          I wish these efforts would be put into something closer to the n900. The lack of software when SailfishOS could be targeted or ported sounds like a horrible time-sink.

          Few of these projects have truly succeeded, but I wish them luck. This could be useful to someone somewhere!

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            I would love to buy the same but with Meshtastic.

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              Having it accidentally falling into your face won’t cause extreme pain. It can be put in almost all pockets and bags without a problem, and won’t scratch your clothes or pull your beach pants down.

              More hardware project descriptions should highlight real world benefits like this.

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                I wonder when the trend of phones being huge slabs of glass ends…

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                  Definitely no later than the 23rd century, given that ST TOS communicators are clamshell form factors, and any of the computing stuff people do on phones now is done on PADDs.