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    Side note - I don’t get the chart referenced in this article. This is based off of what, the amount stackoverflow questions about different frameworks? Kubernetes runs Docker… they aren’t exactly competing (although I guess you could consider Kubernetes and Swarm competitors?)

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      This reads like a high-level marketing and evangelism slapfight between docker and google, with a brief interjection by the perrenial special snowflake systemd/redhat. News, blech.

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        I submitted the story because despite just mentioning an unconfirmed rumor it gives a good overview of the situation and points out the conflict of interests of the involved parties. Marketing is a part of that, but it’s about more than that. If you follow some of the links in the article you’ll end up at the technical details.

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        So folks are frustrated because Docker is bundling Swarm? But it’s opt-in, so why does anyone care?

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          No, they are frustrated because Docker Inc. keeps breaking the backwards compatibility of Docker Engine in point releases. Instead the focus is on new features which are declared ready for production, when they aren’t. Swarm is only one example of that.

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            things get confusing very fast and then everyone loses.